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This is an article I really hope each of you will read and then share. This not only applies to our horses but for us as well. There has been much hoopla recently about multivitamins and how they have been found to be a waste of money. What I find interesting about this latest slam on supplements is that *they* dont disclose what vit/min supplements were used in the study. There are BIG, no HUGE differences in the quality of multivitamin/mineral supplements. You have your cheapy Centrum, One-a Day found on every shelf to the $100+ a month packets of 6 pills from various retail outlets/multi level marketing schemes. Bottom line......I feel many of these ARE a waste of money. (you are shocked, arent you?) Why? Because the majority of vit/min supplements on the market for humans and horses are SYNTHETIC vitamins and minerals that are not exactly in their purest form. What is found in horse feeds is even worse! I encourage all of you to seek out a WHOLE FOOD vit/min supplement for you (preferably non-GMO) and you are in luck because I know of several for horses! I stopped using a commercial human grade mix for my horses last year and went all whole food. At the same time, I stopped my expensive 6 pills to a packet stuff and went to a non-GMO whole food vit/min at a fraction of the cost. I feel a big difference in myself and my horses are doing better. Why? Our bodies recognize vitamins in their natural form. They immediately know what to do with them. If I have not convinced you, read this from Tigger Montegue of Bio Star: Synthetically made B-Vitamins are made from coal tar residue, Vitamin A is usually made from the esters of petroleum. Then you have Vitamin E which can be made from a solvent-extracted palm oil, or a mixture of solvent-extracted palm oil and acetone (nail polish remover). Synthetically made vitamins require you to do your homework so you know exactly what youre putting in your body, as well as your horses. Here is the article I really want all of you to read and share. thedoctorwithin/vitaminC/Ascorbic-Acid-Is-Not-Vitamin-C/
Posted on: Wed, 19 Mar 2014 01:45:33 +0000

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