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Whos ever heard the love story of Abby and Chester? Well ima tell you today, It was a normal a day for chester while he was working as a local grocery store. He was just doing his normal thing, helping customers and putting smiles on people face. Well, one of the customers stood out from the rest. Her name was Abby. She was this beautiful girl with a smile from the heavens, and a personality that would make any man crazy for her. He thought she was way out of his league (she was and still is). But he did manage to leave her with a smile on her face. A few weeks past by, he really wanted her to come back but he never got her name. Now lemme just say that Abby, she was a princess, beautiful, smart, amazing personality, she has it all. So Chester, seriously really wanted to see this girl. So this is what happened. Someone helped Chester out, gave him her name. He went on a site called Facebook, messaged her with a straight up message saying Im 65 tall, Im 20, Im kinda nerdy and can come up with corny cute jokes, and it would be amazing if me and you had coffee sometime the very next day she messaged back. They set a date and met at Starbucks. That night, they walked to the park, walked down the street, and even stopped at weinersnitzle for a bite. Then they went back to Chester house to watch a movie. They got to the house and By this time. They talked the entire night so far. It was amazing. Chester forgot to put his cloths in the dryer so thats what he did, and while he did that, he was thinking a lot to himself. Hes wasnt to kiss this girl from the moment he started talking to her. He finished what he was doing, walked to her, grabbed her, and kissed her. From that single 1 kiss, that single perfect kiss of passion, Chester fell in love. Chester still loves her to this day and never will stop loving her. He believes in soulmates, he believes in love at first sight and being there for Abby for the rest of there lives. Chester loves Abby till death! I love Whitney till death. I love taking the blanket off your feet. I love holding you whenever I want I love talking to you 24/7 I love how peaches loves you I love the way you look at me I love how much you care about me I love going out to eat with you I love your Snapple tips I love how you got into K&D I love showing you off I love how we have our little jokes I love saying how much I care about you I love the way you look at me I love the way I look at you I love being called your man I love loving you I love you Whitney. Dedicated to my one and only Whitney.
Posted on: Sun, 11 Jan 2015 09:23:58 +0000

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