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You know, Ive always loved the song, Baby, Its Cold Outside. Its one of my favorite holiday tunes. I realize it may seem like a song about date rape. But I suppose being raised on Gone with the Wind and Mae West movies, I have different perspective. I completely believe the woman in the song isnt being coerced, shes playing the game women had to back then. During the time period, as illustrated in the song, it would be inappropriate for a grown-ass woman to decide to stay out late with a man. Shes going through all the reasons she should go, but continues to come up with reasons to stay. Yeah, the dude is pushing, but hes in the background of the song. Its not a true duet, because they only sing one chorus together as they both come to a good reason to continue their date. Otherwise, this is her song. To illustrate: My friend Curt and I were standing in front a of store freezer as I was deciding if we should get ice cream or not. We stood there several minutes while we went through pros and cons when he finally said, You rationalize it, Im tired. lol. He and I both knew we were getting the ice cream and I was just going through the mind game. And thats how I see, Baby, Its Cold Outside. However, I totally get why others hear it as a date rape song and dont like it. Its all about our own perceptions and previous experiences and that influences how we see things. :) How do you view that song? Im curious.
Posted on: Wed, 24 Dec 2014 19:47:47 +0000

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